Sarah Huckabee Sanders SHREDDED By L.A. Times For Truth-Twisting – This Is Brilliant

Donald Trump very obviously has a specific type of woman he likes, and whom he prefers to represent him. He is a horrid misogynist who thinks women’s worth lies solely in our ability to stir his penis to life (or not). He likes his women tall, thin, big-breasted…basically supermodel quality. Knowing that, one would think that Sarah Huckabee Sanders doesn’t fit his mold nearly well enough to be his press secretary, and yet, she is. Why?

In a brilliant op-ed for the L.A Times, David Horsey turns a light bulb on about why Trump would prefer Sarah Sanders over virtually anyone else (including Sean Spicer) – she has a singular comfort with distorting the truth that Spicer never had, and she’s obviously far more comfortable with it than anyone besides Kellyanne Conway. Horsey says:

“But now I get it. Anyone who is going to be tasked with the job of explaining this president to the news media needs to be comfortable with saying things that are demonstrably not true. That was the problem with Sanders’ predecessor, Sean Spicer. Lying seemed to fluster him. When he was challenged on any blatantly erroneous statement, he would get red-faced and petulant. It was as if he was trying to signal a message to reporters: ‘Come on, guys, lay off! Don’t make me humiliate myself on live TV!’” [emphasis mine]

By contrast, Sanders is perfectly fine with saying that Paul Manafort’s indictment has nothing whatsoever to do with Trump. She had no issue spinning Trump’s tax breaks for the wealthy into a $4,000/year raise for American families. Despite being a woman, she’s perfectly fine saying that the women accusing Trump of sexual assault are all lying simply because that’s Trump’s position. As for the entire Russia scandal, including a report that Trump has lost his mind over it, Horsey says:

“Taking the offensive, Sanders confidently delivered the new Republican talking point that, if anyone were guilty of colluding with Moscow, it was Hillary Clinton — which is the boldest evasion anyone in the Trump camp has come up with, so far.” [emphasis mine]

Horsey paints Sanders as the spin-meister she is – someone who effortlessly puts forth the idea that the facts of anything and everything are “nothing more than what you want them to be. By that new standard, Sanders is a pro.” [emphasis mine]

And that, ladies and gentleman, is why Trump has her as his press secretary. He needs someone who has a demonstrable problem with the truth.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images