‘Alt-Right’ White House Reporter Gets Fooled By Fake Tweet, Reports Upcoming Civil War

When Donald Trump allowed popular Nazi blog The Gateway Pundit to have a correspondent show up at the White House, many questioned that decision — but if The Donald was going for comic relief, we’re forced to admit that the inclusion of Lucian Wintrich is a complete success.

Recently, the White House reporter followed up on a hot tip he received from noted Twitter political sociologist guy Krang T. Nelson informing America that “Antifa” (a blanket term for people who oppose fascism) is breeding a team of super soldiers (yes, like in Marvel comics) which they will unleash on America in a devastating attack on white people — a first strike in a new civil war he reported on completely seriously in a now-disappeared scare piece.

“Can’t wait for November 4th when millions of antifa supersoldiers will behead all white parents and the small business owners in the town square,” Krang tweeted — an obvious joke, unless you’re a f*cking idiot.

Enter Wintrich, who reported it completely seriously then threw a massive tantrum when the obviously humorous comment turned out to be fake.

In addition, a bunch of right-wingers mass reported Krang’s post and got him suspended from Twitter.

“Anyone with a single crease in their brain could see that my post was satire, but alas, the internet has no shortage of morons, and the tweet was apparently reported into oblivion,” Krang T. Nelson said of the attack in an op-ed he wrote for Vice. “The ensuing suspension was so thorough that my work account was axed for using the same phone number. (I reached out to Twitter for comment in connection with this story, but had yet to hear back at the time of publication.)”

It’s worth noting that Donald Trump has not once been suspended from Twitter.

Unfortunately, this is common fare for the Stupid Part of America. They genuinely believe that Hillary Clinton is running a child sex slavery operation out of the basement of a pizza restaurant that doesn’t even have a basement, that “antifa” is going to murder white women, or even that Malia Obama got herself arrested buying six pounds of marijuana and somehow managed to fit it into a Prada handbag. But when the truth comes out they blame the people who are laughing at them instead of themselves for being so goddamn stupid.

Wintrich is just the latest example that the Party of Fake News and personal responsibility produces the majority of the former and has no sense of the latter.

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