Russians Fooled Dumbass Conservatives With Meme Of Hillary Fistfighting Jesus

If Hillary Clinton got into a fistfight with Jesus, who would you want to win? Before you laugh, consider that some among us are actually stupid enough to respond positively to this sort of question — assuming “positively” means “like a bunch of douchebags.”

When you saw the popular meme floating around prior to the election, you probably assumed it was an over-the-top joke post. But this is the type of this that Russian bots and trolls were actually marketing to our beloved dolts on the Right.

Since conservatives respond to anything with “Jesus” in the name the meme, which was part of a paid advertising campaign from the Russia-created Christian group “Army of Jesus,” was pretty successful with the Stupid Part of America.

The paid Russian ad, revealed by Democratic Senator Mark Warner, was among several that were showcased during Wednesday’s congressional hearing with social media leaders regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Russian operatives also pushed the idea that Texas should secede from the United States, a fake movement that became popular with very real conservatives as the election season rolled on, organized both pro- and anti-Muslim events at the same time and place, and convinced conservatives that control of the Army should be taken away from the President if that President happens to have a vagina:

Russia ran more than 3,000 political ads on Facebook and Twitter, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to trick the American people.

Much of the advertising was concentrated in key swing states, and at one point Twitter users were bombarded with more fake news than real news.

This is just one of the many attacks on our election from Donald Trump’s friends in Russia. Recently, former Trump advisor George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying about his efforts to expand Russia’s influence in the Trump campaign — and he was almost assuredly just one of many under the Kremlin’s influence. He is currently cooperating with the FBI to expose his co-conspirators.

If one thing’s for certain…

…It’s that Mueller isn’t done by a long shot.

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