Racists’ Heads Will Explode When They Find Out White-On-White Crime Is Higher

Despite what many racists say and regardless of the hand-picked statistics of the federal government in an effort to demonize black people, the rate of white-on-white crime in the United States is far higher than that of African-Americans victimizing white citizens.

In a report published last Thursday by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) on ‘Race and Hispanic Origin of Victims and Offenders 2012-2015,’ some staggering figures emerged. Research conducted over a four year period during which “U.S. residents experienced 5.8 million violent victimizations each year” found that the rate of white-on-white violent crime (12.0 per 1,000) was almost four times higher than black-on-white violent crime (3.1 per 1,000).

However, even when the facts are blatantly obvious and staring them right in the face, there is no swaying some Republicans who still subscribe to the idea that African-Americans are still the largest threat to themselves and others. Case in point: former White House advisor Sebastian Gorka in this interview last Monday:

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, an African-American himself, shares the same sentiments as Gorka. “One of the most dramatically difficult things to fathom in this country is the amount of lives lost — black lives lost — as a result of black-on-black violence,” Hill said on Saturday. “In the same year that we experienced about 259 police officer shootings of blacks in 2015, there were 6,000 black lives lost to murders from black people.”

However, contrary to what both Mr. Gorka and Mr. Hill believe, black men aren’t killing each other “by the bushel.” In fact, according to the report, black-on-black violence has decreased exponentially in the last two decades, by almost the exact same rate as white-on-white violence.

“From 1994 to 2015, white-on-white violence and black-on-black violence declined at a similar rate. White-on-white violence declined 79 percent (from 52.5 to 10.8 victimizations per 1,000 white persons). Black-on-black violence declined 78 percent (from 66.6 to 14.5 victimizations per 1,000 black persons). Information on Hispanic origin of offenders was not collected prior to 2012,” the report stated.

It’s time that the U.S. government started to report the facts when it comes to the issue of race, instead of dividing the country.

Featured image via Brian Blanco/Getty Images