McCain Has The Best Laugh He’s Had In 80 Years When He’s Asked THIS About Donald Trump

It’s gotta be hard these days to be John McCain. Standing up to Donald Trump is pretty unpopular among Republicans these days, and we’ve seen the proof in how quickly the base turned on some otherwise solidly-conservative GOP Senators who have decided the age of Trump is just too much for them.

First Tennessee’s Bob Corker then McCain’s fellow Arizona Senator Jeff Flake dropped out of the running for reelection, possibly dashing the GOP’s hopes for holding on to the Senate in the 2018 elections. But regardless of the fact that they’ve both been what old Mitt Romney might call “severely conservative,” red meat Trump voters turned on the two like villagers with pitchforks.

That could be, however, because they don’t have the credentials John McCain has. When he trolled Trump hard last week on the “bone spurs” he used as an excuse to dodge the draft with all of his silver spoon, private school pals, Trump tried to clap back with a warning that “people have to be careful because at some point I fight back.”

McCain’s answer?

“I have faced tougher adversaries.”

Now, you might think Donald Trump is at least smart enough not to come at a former POW with some weak stuff like that, but you’d be wrong. Laughably wrong. In fact, go ahead and have a little laugh, because you’re in good company.

McCain thought it was hilarious.

Appearing on The View the following day, the panel gave the senior Arizona Senator a chance to expound a little on his short response to the president’s threat:

“He said he would ‘fight back’ and it wouldn’t be pretty. Are you scared?”

McCain didn’t answer immediately because he was busy laughing his ass off. No, I mean, almost with tears in his eyes. There he is, next to his daughter — who just landed the spot on this show — and this old man looks like he’s going to cry from laughing so hard. Every woman on the panel is cracking up. People offstage are howling.

I just want to know Donald Trump has seen this clip. I can die happy as long as I know Donnie Daycare has watched this octogenarian cry tears of laughter at the prospect of being scared of little old him.


Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images