The Numbers Are In: States, Insurers Literally Say Obamacare Trainwreck Is TRUMP’S Fault

This morning, Donald Trump tweeted that health insurance premiums were skyrocketing, and that Democrats own it because Democrats are responsible for the “disaster” that is the Affordable Care Act. But someone on Twitter took it upon himself to crunch the numbers and look up insurers’ reasons for the big hikes going into 2018. It’s not a pretty picture…for Donald Trump.

Premiums were always going to go up – that’s what you get with the system we have and one major reason we need universal or single-payer coverage. But when Trump cut off the subsidies insurers and low-income Americans counted on, he threw the system into chaos—which insurers did warn us about—and now we’re facing numbers like this:

Individually, each state is seeing its own rate hikes of varying percentages, but a number of them cite Trump’s sabotage as a big reason why they’re raising rates as high as they are. Washington State is among those seeing hefty increases as it is, but Trump’s sabotage is making that far more painful than it needs to be:

They probably also had the strongest rebuke of Trump’s policies, saying this:

But there are others saying similar things:

You can read the full thread here:

His methodology and details are available here.

It’s pretty clear from these numbers that it’s not Democrats who own this trainwreck; it’s Trump. He can tweet all he wants about how it’s anyone’s fault but his, and yet, he’s the one who took executive action to end subsidies for low-income Americans. And Charles isn’t the only one coming up with horrific numbers, either. The Kaiser Family Foundation has done their own analysis and come up with some pretty damning numbers as well.

The worst part is that the markets were starting to stabilize going into this year, which meant premium hikes would likely have slowed for next year, and maybe even started coming down in following years. Instead, they’re now skyrocketing. Polls have also consistently shown growing support for fixing the ACA instead of repealing it. What Trump and his party did was a planned and deliberate political move to harm Obama’s legacy without caring who else they hurt.

These extreme premium hikes are on Trump’s and the GOP’s heads. Even red states say so.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images