‘DO SOMETHING!’: Trump Panics As Mueller’s Investigation Closes In On Him

With news circulating that Robert Mueller will be handing down his first indictment in the Russia investigation soon, Donald Trump is allowing us to watch him squirm in Twitterland.

As usual, Trump demanded that everyone stop looking at him and instead focus on his eternal scapegoat, Hillary Clinton and the phone right-wing “uranium” conspiracy. After all, “collusion” with a foreign enemy isn’t a crime, he says:

Up to this point, Trump’s rant was pretty standard. What makes this magical is his incredibly panicky “DO SOMETHING:

Naturally, Americans joined together to mock him:

According to Trump, all of this is an attempt to distract from his “historic Tax Cuts & Reform,” which we have apparently known about since the investigation began long before he was kinda-sorta elected by a minority of the population and an archaic system that was set up to preserve the power of slave states.

Trump is extremely worried about something. Perhaps he knows it’s only a matter of time before  his world comes crashing down upon him.

Featured image via Getty Images (drew Angerer)/screenshot