If You’re Looking For Ways To Irritate Trump, Here Are Some Tips (IMAGES)

It’s been a well-known fact for quite some time that Donald Trump doesn’t handle criticism particularly well, but what has become glaringly obvious during his ten-month tenure as the President of the United States is that if his skin were any thinner, he would need to be carried around in a bucket. Remember, this is the same man who filed a $5 billion libel lawsuit against author Timothy O’Brien for causing “actual malice” by claiming that Trump was only a multi-millionaire, not a billionaire.

Since he’s been in office, President Trump has had a fixation on size, from exaggerating the size of the crowd present at his inauguration and other public appearances, to that of the size of his Manhattan penthouse in Trump Tower and even the height of the building itself for that matter.

Trump is not a small man, standing around 6’1″, although I’ll say 6’2″ to save myself from any legal ramifications, but he does have a clear-cut Napoleonic complex.

People have been giving Trump a hard time about the size of his hands since the 1980s when Spy magazine dubbed him a “short-fingered vulgarian.” The references to the size of then-candidate Trump’s hands gathered steam again during his presidential campaign, something that has stuck in his craw to this day with the President still feeling the need to justify his hand size. “My hands are too big!” he said as he attempted to put on a pair of latex gloves while serving meals in early September to those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

If one man could be that affected by a claim that he has small hands, then how would he feel if his entire body were small? We don’t exactly know yet, but people are photoshopping Trump to appear small in photos to hilarious effect to get under his skin and the results are just brilliant.

There are several approaches photo manipulators are taking, the most obvious being to make him out to be the child that he is:

Others are just opting to make Trump seem tiny in general, but particularly when he’s in the company of other world leaders:

If there’s one way to drive a sexist crazy, it is to make them seem minuscule in the presence of a woman, particularly family members. In Trump’s case, there’s the added advantage of making that woman his arch nemesis, Hilary Clinton:

This is a trend that is certainly going to go viral so if you think you’ve got some photoshop skills, it’s time to get to work and feel free to post your masterpieces in the comments.

Featured image via screenshot