Hillary Clinton TOTALLY Just Rubbed ‘Indictment’ Rumors In Trump’s Big Orange Face (SCREENSHOTS)

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton doesn’t tweet nearly as often as current national embarrassment Donald Trump, but hers are far more entertaining than The Donald’s.

With news circulating that the first of probably many indictments in the Russia investigation is being handed down Monday, Clinton seized upon the opportunity to point out that it was the anniversary of the ‘Comey letter,’ which “was probably decisive” in placing our tiny-handed orange dotard in the office in the first place according to FiveThirtyEight  editor-in-chief Nate Silver.

“Oh is that today?” Clinton said, linking Silver’s tweet.

The article Silver links notes that the letter Comey sent to Congress telling them the FBI had “learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation” into Clinton’s private email server, “upended the news cycle and soon halved Clinton’s lead in the polls, imperiling her position in the Electoral College.”

Republicans and the majority of the media shoved the letter in the American people’s faces seemingly non-stop, sticking us with the useless egomaniacal danger to our country who, unlike his predecessor, is embroiled in a legitimate scandal that actually threatens the future of our nation, that we know and hate today.

It’s good to see that Clinton was able to keep her sense of humor through all of this. It’s a good reminder to all of us that we need to occasionally step back and have a laugh at the almost unbelievably stupid situation we’ve found ourselves in.

Featured image via  Getty Images