John Lewis Has the PERFECT Birthday Message For Hillary And Trump Will Be FURIOUS (TWEET)

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) is a civil rights icon. He took beatings in the infamous Bloody Sunday massacre in Selma, Alabama at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Of course, after Donald Trump was elected, Rep. Lewis, like all sane people, was horrified, and questioned his legitimacy. This led Trump to strike out in his usual petty – and in this case, racist – fashion, and the two have been on the outs ever since. Therefore, What John Lewis had to say to Hillary Clinton for her birthday on Twitter is sure to reignite the feud. Rep. Lewis simply tweeted:

Of course, the Russians helped elect Trump, and Hillary won the popular vote by more than three million people. Further, Trump is clearly unfit for the office he is currently squatting in, and he is destroying our democracy as we speak. The Electors should have refused to certify his election, and the Electoral College should have functioned as the Founders intended. Further, the American public elected Hillary Clinton, a quirk that allowed a few counties in a few states to flip the electoral votes – along with the Russians – elected Trump. He is illegitimate. So, to that end, hats off, Rep. Lewis, and to our beloved Hillary Clinton – Happy birthday, Madame President!

Featured image via Ethan Miller/Getty Images