WATCH: This Amazingly Aware Company Has Created A Brilliant Way To Document Trump’s Dangerous Tweets

Donald Trump’s Twitter habit is dangerous. When one has the bully pulpit of the White House to speak from, words definitely matter. That’s why it’s so concerning when Trump threatens nuclear war in 140 characters or less – it’s because he could actually carry it out in a matter of minutes, and the whole world knows this – and is terrified he’d do it just for kicks. The same is true – albeit to a lesser degree – when Trump cozies  up to dictators like Kim Jung-un and Vladimir Putin, while insulting our allies, like his insulting phone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Of course, these are just a few examples, as Trump spends more time tweeting than he does doing anything else.

Since Trump’s tweets become more alarming by the day and are far too numerous to constantly keep up with, an awesome company has found a way to help do it – and it’s super rad. The good folks at Parse/Error have created the “Political Lamp,” which is an entertaining piece of decor that lights up in a lightening storm with every Trump tweet. They say they like to be politically aware, and decided that Trump’s Twitter feed is important to document because of what the orange fascist represents:

“He perfectly embodies a dangerous era. A world where the words of one man … can endanger the fate of millions by spreading the ghost of nuclear war on the planet.”

Parse/Error is correct. These are dangerous times. The GOP-controlled Congress might be worrying over tax cuts because they are craven cowards who are terrified of Trump lighting them up on Twitter, but they’d better serve the nation and the world – as well as their own places in history – by doing all they can to rid the world of the threat of Trump before he kills us all.

In the meantime, though, this lamp is amazing, and everyone should have one!


Watch the video below:

Featured image via Zach Gibson – Pool/Getty Images