Trump Wets His Pants Over Bob Corker Again, Corker Alerts The White House Daycare Staff

Every time Donald Trump lashes out at Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, he gets his ass handed to him.

For instance, when Trump threw a petty temper tantrum because Corker criticized him, Corker responded thusly:

Corker didn’t even have to say another word. He just sat back and watched as the world laughed at Trump. Trump even continued throwing a hissy fit by relentlessly attacking and insulting Corker, but to avail. Corker had already kicked his ass.

On Tuesday morning, Trump took aim at Corker once again for criticizing Trump’s massive tax cuts for the wealthy.

Corker could probably get re-elected in Tennessee. It’s just that he has decided to retire rather than run again.

But while Trump required three tweets to attack Corker, Corker only needed one.

Indeed, where is the adult day care staff? Clearly, General John Kelly has utterly failed to regulate Trump’s social media usage. Like a child, Trump needs serious supervision. Every time he rage tweets he embarrasses himself and the nation.

If Trump thinks he is winning this little feud with Corker he should think again. Because Corker has zero f*cks left and he’ll burn Trump’s tiny-handed ass to the ground every single time.

Featured Image: Ron Sachs – Pool/Getty Images