Melania Trump Hit With SERIOUS Side-Eye After Telling Black Kids To Respect Each Other

If you haven’t noticed, no one associated with the Trump administration (including The Donald’s mail-order bride) has any respect for people who aren’t white fake Christians.

Naturally, people thought it was a bit odd when Melania Trump announced she would be visiting schools to tell kids to be nicer to each other – you know, since her husband spends the majority of his time treating black people, Latino(s)s, and pretty much everyone conservatives hate en masse, like trash.

Donald Trump accuses African-Americans of racism three times more than he does whites and pushes dangerous lies originating with Nazi groups about black crime rates.

During her visit to Orchard Lake Middle School  in the suburbs of Detroit, Melania told kids to “make sure everyone feels included” — a strange statement considering her husband’s attempts to ban Muslims from entering the country, his attacks on African-Americans, and his decision to build a wall to keep Mexicans (whom he calls “rapists” and “drug dealers”) from coming into the United States.

“It is our responsibility to take the lead in teaching children the values of empathy and communication that are at the core of kindness, mindfulness, integrity, and leadership,” she said in a statement regarding the visit.

Melania’s message would be a positive one coming from anyone else, but kids aren’t stupid and they know what sort of people she and her entire family are. When she sat down with some children of color, she earned a “is this idiot kidding me” look from one and some serious side-eye from two others. One child’s face is not visible in the photo, but it seems pretty clear from her body’s seemingly involuntary attempt to lean as far from Trump as possible that she wasn’t buying Melania’s sh*t either.

Naturally, Americans have…thoughts…on how this particular meeting went:

If one thing’s for certain it’s that these children showed more respect and restraint than any member of the Trump family (aside from Barron, who displayed shock and disgust when one of his father’s fans yelled out that Obama should be murdered) is capable of.

Remember when we had a FLOTUS kids could respect?

Featured image via screengrab