Trump And John Kelly Just Got RIPPED APART By A Medal Of Honor Recipient (VIDEO)

Donald Trump and his disgraceful team deserve to be throttled for their horrendous responses and disrespect to Gold Star families, particularly after Rep. Fredericka Wilson called Trump out on his insensitive remarks to the widow of a fallen soldier.

After both Trump and his Chief of Staff, John Kelly, attacked Wilson and lied their a**es off to clear Trump’s name, MSNBC anchor Joy Reid brought on a guest that would make Trump sorry he ever challenged Wilson. Noting that Wilson was currently at the funeral of fallen soldier La David Johnson while Trump was playing golf, Reid said:

“She is at that funeral as we speak. While General Kelly and his boss, Donald Trump, are still standing by their attacks on her. Like I said, extraordinary.”

Then, she turned to one of her guests, retired Colonel Jack Jacobs, and asked:

“Donald Trump likes to hide behind his generals, he likes to push them out front in order to give himself credibility. What do you make of General Kelly’s willingness to be used in that way this week and then to add this extraneous story that turns up not even to be true slamming the congresswoman?”

It was as if Jacobs, a Medal of Honor recipient, had been waiting all day for the opportunity to rip Trump and Kelly apart. He said:

“Well, it’s quite surprising because I know — I don’t know him very well, I’m not that close to him — but I know General Kelly…I’m quite surprised. Attacks like this don’t make any sense from anybody.”

The retired colonel, who is also the recipient of two Silver Stars, three Bronze Stars, and two Purple Hearts, also stated that Trump and Kelly owed Wilson an apology:

“If it were I, I would. I mean, I’d pick up the phone and say, ‘look, this has gone far enough, I apologize.’ But that should have been the case from the very beginning when whatever is emanating from the White House was inaccurate as well.”

And the trashing continued with this brilliant attack:

“I can say this about Donald Trump, he’s not real good at talking. If I were Trump, I would have picked up the phone and said, ‘look, that was my ham-handed way of being sympathetic, I’m not good at that and I apologize.’ And all this stuff would have been over.”

Another guest, a former combat veteran, agreed with Jacobs, while Reid reminded everyone that “It’s not going to stop because Donald Trump this morning, got up bright and early and starting tweeting again…attacking Congresswoman Wilson. So Donald Trump doesn’t want it to end and he doesn’t want the discussion to be about the fact it took him 13 days to call the families of these four fallen soldiers. He wants it to be about Congresswoman Wilson.”

Here’s that tweet:

As usual, Trump just makes things worse for himself. Jacobs was dead on when he stated that Trump could have easily ended this whole debacle by apologizing for his disgusting response and all the lies. But because he’s Trump, we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. Trump has gotten himself into this mess, and now he must pay the price.

You can watch Jacobs crush Trump below:

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