NRA Releases Fascist Ad Calling All Trump Critics ‘Saboteurs’ Whose Future Is ‘Failure’ (VIDEO)

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees that we have the right to speak our minds about the government and anyone and anything else we damn well please. However, since Donald Trump was inaugurated, that right has been under attack. Trump is a thin-skinned, narcissistic bully who cannot take criticism, and his allies are now doing all they can to discredit anyone who dares to say a word against Trump. Of course, at the top of that list is the National Rifle Association (NRA), the terrorist organization that thinks that all these mass shootings and gun-related deaths are just the price of freedom.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Dana Loesch, a spokeswoman for the organization, has just released a new advertisement video that can only be described as purely fascist. She attacks anyone and everyone who dares to criticize Trump as saboteurs who wish to take the victory of Trump and his base away. You see, to these people, those who do not support Trump are the REAL threat to the republic, not Trump’s fascist, authoritarian regime. Loesch’s statement culminates in the following chilling statement:

“From the highest levels of government, to their media, universities and billionaires, their hateful defiance of his legitimacy is an insult to each of us.”

So, educational institutions, the free press, anyone and everyone who sees the dangers of Trumpism – we must be dealt with. It comes complete with violent imagery and creepy music to boot. This is what fascism looks like, folks. Trump is turning America into North Korea before our very eyes. We better wake up and get him out of office before he declares martial law.

Featured image via video screen capture