Swastika-Covered Guy Gets Punched In The Face Outside Nazi Rally And It’s Beautiful (VIDEO)

One Nazi made the mistake of leaving his “safe space” at a rally featuring infamous Nazi Richard Spencer and learned, like Spencer did at Donald Trump’s inauguration, that most Americans hate his kind and just want to punch him in the face.

Punching Nazis has been a controversial issue among liberals, with some saying we should hug it out with them and it will magically erase the hate and the rest of us agreeing with our family members who fought in World War II that if you see a Nazi you should probably punch him (my grandfather didn’t leave most of his hip in Europe so I could hug Nazis back home, for instance) — and while some members of a crowd of protesters worked to escort the Nazi to safety, at least one person did the right thing and punched him in the f*cking mouth.

The self-defense strike (no violence against a Nazi can be rightfully considered an attack) occurred at a rally in Gainesville, Florida when a man wearing a t-shirt covered in swastikas tried to walk past a group of anti-racism demonstrators.

“Leave him go,” a well-meaning but delusional protester can be heard shouting in video of the incident as others provide protection to the Nazi, who can be seen wearing a smug expression on his face. One of his escorts even had his arm around him like they were the best of pals:

Unfortunately for him, people these days aren’t that great at listening to each other — so he got decked in the mouth.

Unfortunately, Nazis are winning the PR battle as of late in that they have convinced some liberals that we should act to protect them despite them being very vocal that they want us dead (especially if our skin tone is darker than a piece of classroom chalk).

Always punch Nazis. Always.

Featured image via Getty Images/Brian Bianco