Richard Spencer’s Fascist Goon Squad Couldn’t Keep Florida From Laughing His Nazi Ass Off The Stage

Oooh, big scary Richard Spencer! The milky-white wannabe hipster douchebag must have had a giant erection since Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency on Tuesday in advance of his appearance at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

As everyone knows, the primary aim of the “alt-right” — the modern-day Nazis responsible for the murder of Heather Heyer in Virginia in August — is to eliminate people of color in America, and then prove they don’t actually have the tiny dicks they’re surely packing. So every time someone seems scared of them, it’s another boost to their ego.

Fortunately, most people are in on the joke at this point, and state and local leaders have become more accustomed to the violence that neo-Nazi rallies bring with them. Even businesses have gotten in on trolling Richard Spencer and his pathetic band of white supremacist losers.

Case in point: Alligator Brewing, a craft beer maker located in Tall Paul’s Brewhouse in Gainesville had an amazing idea the other day — to allow anyone holding two tickets to Spencer’s event at UF to come trade them in for a free beer:

That didn’t take long to go viral, of course, and Spencer’s lackeys soon heard about it. They changed the ticketing process so that people couldn’t get them in advance. They became available only in person at the event, according to the Miami Herald. A white supremacist sycophant of Spencer’s, Cameron Padgett, told the paper that it was in an effort to “avoid the sabotage that was planned by people.”

Padgett himself then suddenly appeared at Tall Paul’s, pretending to try and trade some tickets for beer. After he was told by Alligator Brewing that they couldn’t verify the authenticity of his tickets (since the fascists changed their ticketing scheme), he became very belligerent and began filming from inside the bar:

Please stay safe #lesshatemorebeer

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None of it was enough to keep the actual event from being a hilarious shitshow for Richard Spencer and his cast of racist clowns.

These Pepe-loving asshats were literally laughed out of the room as protester after protester shut down their racist rhetoric. The event started with a friendly chant by the crowd:

And only got worse from there. The final humiliation for Richard Spencer and his gang of goons was one protester’s perfect question:

Spencer’s response was something along the lines of “European standards of beauty something something.” The crowd roared. When all was said and done, the would-be fuhrer admonished the crowd:

“You think that you shut me down. Well, you didn’t. You failed at your own game…the world is going to have a very different impression of the University of Florida. The world is not gonna be proud of you.”

You couldn’t be more wrong, Spence. We love you, Florida Gators. You did us very proud.

Oh, I guess you can watch this whole thing here, if you really want to:

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images