Town Defends Official After Wife’s ‘N*gger’ Rant On FB, Says People Who Shared Post ‘Just As Bad’

This article is uncensored and contains very offensive language.

The tiny town of Riverhead, New York, just across the Peconic Bay from The Hamptons, is on fire. No, not literally. It’s not on fire like the California cities Donald Trump has seemingly forgotten about. But it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Trump knows more about Riverhead on Long Island than he does about Fountaingrove or Coffey Park in Santa Rosa. Especially now that officials are on their heels defending town attorney Bob Kozakiewicz and his wife, Dianne Delaney, after she posted possibly the most racially offensive rant I have ever seen.

After visiting a local pizza parlor, Delaney took to Facebook to complain about the perceived treatment of her waitress by some black people – whether they were fellow patrons or employees is unclear – and it went south after just two sentences:

Also unclear is how someone gets elected (yes, elected) town attorney without the deep-seeded racism clearly apparent in his family coming to light before now.

Delaney is “just” the attorney’s wife, so she will, of course, face no consequences. But Kozakiewicz is being defended by the town after some began calling for his resignation. Kozakiewicz and town supervisor Sean Walter blamed Delaney’s rant on alcoholism, which may have played a part in the lack of inhibition required to publicly post something like that. But whether her uncensored feelings were set free by liquor or not, nobody but an unabashed racist could even come up with these things to say, drunk or sober.

Kozakiewicz told his local paper Monday morning that his wife’s “rant in no way, shape or form reflects my views.” That’s an assertion that’s slightly undercut by the fact that shortly before deleting his own Facebook page, the most recent post of his own was a share of a video by noted racist and “alt-right” Nazi Mike Cernovich:

The town of Riverhead isn’t quite ready to let Bob go, though. In addition to asking those following this story to “pray for Dianne,” town supervisor Walter laid equal blame at the feet of anyone who posted screen captures of the episode:

“It is unmitigated hatred that should never be reposted. If you see it and you repost it you’re just as guilty in my opinion about propagating that hatred.”

So I guess I now share the blame for Dianne Delaney and her husband Bob being horrible, garbage humans.

I can live with that if it eventually gets this asshole fired.

Featured image via composite screen capture