Trump Administration Tries To Fix His Dumbest Statement Yet, Fails MISERABLY (IMAGE)

Donald Trump’s administration is probably the most stressed out team the White House has ever seen. While dealing with multiple ethical issues and investigations, the administration never gets a day of rest as they are in constant reaction mode and doing damage control on his constant blunders. Today was the perfect example of an administration that is hanging on by a thread.

Earlier today, Trump displayed his blatant stupidity as he gave a speech at the conservative Values Voter Summit. During that speech, Trump shocked over 3,000 attendees (and the world) when he said he’d met with the “president of the Virgin Islands.” This was Trump’s direct quote:

“I went to Puerto Rico, and I met with the president of the Virgin Islands, these are people that are incredible people. They’ve suffered gravely, and we’ll be there. We’re gonna be there. We have, really, it’s not even a question of a choice … we’re going to be there as Americans.”

Trump apparently doesn’t know that HE is the president of the Virgin Islands, because the islands are a part of American territory! As expected, Twitter dragged Trump for this:

There’s really no way to gracefully fix this, but still the Trump administration had to try. In a half-ass, hilarious attempt to minimize Trump’s very obvious f*ck up, the White House released a transcript of Trump’s remarks – and crossed out the word “president” and replaced it with the correction of “governor of the Virgin Islands.” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins made sure to share this with everyone:

It’s like the Trump administration didn’t even try to be subtle! And how could they? Just as they put out one fire, Trump is making five more. Trump’s team doesn’t have time or the energy to keep cleaning up his messes – and this pathetic attempt is direct proof!

Featured image via Isaac Brekken/Getty Images