Trump Threatens To Shut Down NBC In Early Morning Hissy Fit

It’s time to drag Donald Trump out of office. Because if we don’t act soon, the Constitution will be put through a shredder.

NBC News has multiple reliable sources. And when those sources tell them something, they pass the information on to the public, whether Trump approves or not.

That’s because the free press in this country do not answer to a petty tyrant who thinks he should have a say in what the media reports.

In response to reports concerning General John Kelly and growing tension between him and Trump, Trump lashed out on Twitter.

Then Trump attacked the media for not crediting him with economic achievements that are a continuation of the Obama economy.

It should be pointed out that the unemployment rate was already under 5 percent and declining, while the stock market had already reached record highs and climbing before the 2016 Election. Trump has not even passed a budget of his own yet and has not signed a single piece of economic legislation. However, the economic regulations he has killed has resulted in the first monthly job losses after over 70 straight months of growth.

Trump then exploded in rage against NBC for reporting on Trump’s desire to dramatically expand America’s nuclear arsenal, and threatened to strip them of their broadcasting license.

Basically, Trump just threatened to punish a news organization for doing their job.

Just imagine if President Obama had threatened to pull Fox News’ broadcasting license. Conservatives would be losing their minds and accusing him of violating the right to free speech and freedom of the press.

If Donald Trump follows through on this threat, however, the next Democrat to hold the White House should retaliate by immediately yanking Fox News’ broadcasting license. Then we can watch as hypocrites whine and cry.

Featured Image: Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images