Trump EXPLODES In Twitter Tantrum That Proves He’s Mentally Unfit To Be President

Donald Trump threw a massive hissy fit over just about everything on Tuesday morning.

Some things just do not need to be commented on by the president, but for some reason, Trump thinks he needs to comment on everything.

In a series of whining tweets, Trump took petty shots at Democrats, ESPN, Jemele Hill, the NFL, and Senator Bob Corker that perfectly demonstrate how thin-skinned and how pathetically unfit he is to be president.

He began by threatening the NFL for not punishing players who exercise their right to free speech.

Then he bitched about Democrats for not supporting his useless and expensive border wall.

Trump then declared that he would destroy healthcare by executive order.

Trump also attacked Jemele Hill for rightfully calling for a boycott of the Dallas Cowboys.

Hill posted her tweets in response to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones threatening to punish any player who kneels during the national anthem. By issuing such a threat, “America’s team” clearly does not support America’s Constitution.

To cap it all off, Trump attacked the New York Times and insulted Senator Bob Corker.

Seriously, does Trump have nothing better to do? You know, like actually doing his job?

Featured Image: Spencer Platt/Getty Images