Black Man Beaten By Nazis At Pro-Trump Rally So Naturally Cops Charged HIM With A Crime

When Deandre Harris was beaten by a mix of white supremacist Trump supporters, Nazi Trump supporters, racist Trump supporters, and Trump supporters who don’t subscribe to any particular single white power group, at a Nazi rally in Charlottesville, his life was changed forever.

Not only was this young man forced to deal with the incredibly shitty reality that white people may at any moment turn on him like rabid dogs, but the harassment kept coming.

While police dragged their feet in arresting his attackers, waiting only until social media had identified the majority and had given them no choice in the matter, Harris and his family continued to receive death threats from Donald Trump’s “very fine people.”

At the same time, the Nazis worked round the clock to “painstakingly compile the video evidence” that ultimately led to Harris’ arrest — yes, Harris was arrested. WCPO reports:

 Deandre Harris, a black man whose brutal beating at the hands of Charlottesville white supremacists was captured on video, is now wanted on charges of unlawful wounding in connection to the Aug. 12 incident.

A magistrate, not the police department, issued the warrant, although a news release said police officers had verified other video that led to the arrest. Harris is accused of attacking a man in the group that beat him.

Harris’ attorney, Lee Merritt, who called the charge a “clearly retaliatory” effort from white supremacists after Harris used social media to identify suspects in the beating, said his client would turn himself in within 24 hours.

Journalist Chuck Modi posted video of the attack, which took place in a parking garage near the University of Virginia campus, on Twitter. In the clip, white supremacist marchers — some in white polos, some in riot gear — beat Harris with signs and poles while he struggles to stand.

In case you somehow forgot what happened, here is a refresher.

This video is horrifying:

Naturally, the Nazis are celebrating this new turn of events that they apparently helped orchestrate:

You see, since they have gotten Harris charged with a crime, they can move on to their endgame — which is apparently getting Harris’ GoFundMe shut down:

Wallace also shared his thoughts on Heather Heyer, the woman who was run down by a Nazi at the same rally:

The “evidence” the Nazis collected is 5 seconds of video that appears to show Harris hit a Nazi who was trying to jab another protester with a pole. While one would normally assume that acting in defense of another would be something law enforcement would understand, this is the same law enforcement that allowed a Nazi to try to shoot someone and walk away while they watched.

Of course they were going to charge Harris with whatever they could. To do otherwise would conflict with the traditionally terrible response Charlottesville has had to Nazis marching in the f*cking street, attacking people, and even committing murder.

Daniel Borden, one of the numerous attackers, has also been arrested in connection with the brutal gang assault. No one else has been charged aside from Harris – the victim.

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