One Of Trump’s ‘Very Fine People’ Extradited To Charlottesville After Brutal Assault

Dennis Lloyd Mothersbaugh, 37, has a long and violent criminal record and was charged at least twice before with threatening African-American men before he was arrested in late September and now, he’s being extradited to Charlottesville after Internet sleuths found out his identity when he was seen on video brutally punching a woman in the face during a protest. Writer and activist Shaun King sounded the alarm, then the Internet went to work to ID the vicious racist.

“Lifelong white supremacist/Neo-Nazi, Dennis Mothersbaugh, being extradited to Charlottesville,” King tweeted. “Wearing his God, Guns, & TRUMP shirt.”

Mothersbaugh has a lengthy record.

Here’s a video clip of the Nazi punching a man in the face, then brutally assaulting a woman.

Mothersbaugh was arrested in Jennings County, Indiana, and charged with assault and battery after he participated in the Aug. 12 “Unite the Right” hate rally. A lot of Nazis were identified following the violent protest in which Heather Heyer was murdered and left 19 others injured after another one of Trump’s ‘very fine people’ used his car as a weapon to mow down anti-racist protesters.

Trump has repeatedly blamed ‘both sides’ for the attack. Democrats and Republicans both condemned Trump’s remarks.

Last night, there was another torch rally in Charlottesville featuring human punching bag Richard Spencer. Videos and pictures are being circulated on social media. Although only about 30 Nazis showed up to intimidate the city again, they might suffer consequences for their actions, if identified. It’s 2017, and we’re witnessing Nazis storming down our streets and obviously, these Trump supporters aren’t nice-time Nazis who use Hello Kitty computers.

Like, for example, James Alex Fields, the 20-year-old Ohio man who was arrested on the day of the rally and charged with second-degree murder, among other counts, after driving a car into the crowd of anti-racists, killing Ms. Heyer. But Trump won’t call it ‘terrorism’ because they are his ‘very fine people.’

Mothersbaugh needs a new t-shirt which reads, “God, Guns, Trump, Prison.”

Image via Twitter. 

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