Nazis Whine Over Impending Release Of An Anti-Nazi Video Game (VIDEO/TWEETS)

With the rise of Donald Trump has also come the rise of literal Nazism in America. When the streets of an American street look more like 1930s Germany as they did in Charlottesville, Virginia just weeks ago with murder as the end result, it is time for people to use whatever platforms they have to speak out against Nazism. That is just what is being done by the makers of the video game Wolfenstein II. The company will be releasing a new game on October 27, and it is all about killing Nazis. In a tweet, including a short video, the company made it clear: No Nazis in America. Here is that tweet:

Of course, being the idiots that they are, the actual Nazis on Twitter just could not contain themselves, and they lashed out in a rage against the makers of Wolfenstein. Here are just a few of their whiny, insane tweets:

So, there you have it. Apparently, it is now debatable in America as to whether a video game going after Nazis should be played, because we have literal Nazis right in the middle of our mainstream political culture. This is what happens when you elect a literal fascist as president folks. Thank all of the people who were stupid enough to fall for this con man when we descend further into something so unimaginably dire at the hands of Donald Trump and his white supremacist government and mouthbreathing followers.

One would like to believe that good will triumph in the end, but who really knows at this point?

Featured image via screen capture from Twitter