A New Low: Trump Exploits Las Vegas Shooting To Raise Money For His Campaign (TWEET)

Donald Trump doesn’t exactly hide the fact that he’s a sociopath. Just looking at the most recent events this country has faced, we’ve witnessed the President of the United States turn his back on human suffering and be completely indifferent to those in need. As we saw with the hurricane that ravaged Puerto Rico and the Las Vegas massacre, Trump is constantly missing in action and spending more time on Twitter than actually doing his job. That’s why the latest move by Trump and his campaign shouldn’t surprise anyone, even though it’s downright heartless.

On Saturday, Trump’s campaign sent out a fundraising email that was so disgusting, it immediately drew attention on Twitter. In the email, Trump exploited the mass shooting in Las Vegas to raise funds for his pathetic re-election campaign. In the Trump-Pence Weekly Newsletter, the Trump campaign spoke to potential donors and supporters of Trump, mentioning Trump’s recent visit to Las Vegas. The emails said:

“Our nation is still in shock and mourning following the massacre of 58 concertgoers and hundreds of others injured in Las Vegas.”

Then, the email states that Trump and First Lady Melania had spoken to victims and given credit to first responders.

“We know that your sorrow feels endless. We stand together to help you carry your pain.”

You can catch a glimpse of the horrific email below:

Trump has been doing fundraiser after fundraiser in preparation for his re-election campaign, which is somewhat hilarious considering that his approval rating just hit a new historic low. One thing is for sure, though – if Trump wants to appeal to the American people, he might want to stop exploiting tragedies for his personal gain.

Featured image via Win McNamee / Getty Images