Trump Whines About Late Night Hosts Making Jokes About Him, Accuses Them Of Conspiring With Democrats

Donald Trump put on his tin-foil hat and raged at Late Night television hosts on Saturday morning.

Late Night television shows have seen a resurgence this year, especially The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which has gotten more popular since Trump took office.

Of course, after all the bullshit Trump has said and done over the last nine months, comedians have enough material to keep them busy for years to come.

But Trump is now whining about being the main joke on Late Night, and he even threw a temper tantrum accusing them of conspiring with the Democrats.

Seriously, Trump literally complained that Democrats aren’t being mocked equally.

The problem is that Trump has been nothing but a giant punchline.

He has embarrassed himself and America and everything he says and does is a joke. America has become an international laughingstock.

There’s also this thing called the First Amendment. You know, that constitutional right giving comedians the ability to joke about anything they damn well please.

In other words, Trump cannot force comedians to stop making fun of him.

You never heard President Obama whine about being joked about on Late Night comedy shows. But President Obama is an adult who is able to take a joke, while Trump is thin-skinned and petty.

As for “equal time,” Republicans usually dominate the Sunday news cycle and Fox News is clearly not “fair and balanced.” You never hear Trump complain about Fox & Friends kissing his ass all the time.

Furthermore, shouldn’t Trump be focused on running the country instead of staying up late to watch television?

Featured Image: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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