WH Staffer Explains Trump’s ‘Calm Before The Storm’ Comment, Proves He Shouldn’t Be POTUS (VIDEO)

By now, most of us – even conservatives – know that Donald Trump has no business being in the White House or running the country. Unfortunately for Trump, even the words of his own White House staffers can be used as evidence that he needs to be removed from office for his irresponsible behavior.

According to Axios.com, an anonymous White House staffer stated that Trump’s terrifying “calm before the storm” comment during a White House photo shoot didn’t mean anything – Trump was just “trolling” the media.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle this morning, Axios political reporter Jonathan Swan said:

“I think there’s a high degree of probability that he’s trolling everyone.”

Apparently, this anonymous White House source had told Swan “Don’t you get it? He’s trolling all of you.”

America should be able to trust its president, but that’s clearly not the case with Trump. Swan pointed this out that Trump was extremely irresponsible to play around like this. Swan noted that when surrounded by military leaders, to “troll” about something like that “could have serious consequences.” Swan commented on Trump’s “madman kind of approach” and said:

“But this is what he does with national security. Obviously, there are risks to that kind of conduct.”

You can watch the interview below:

Trump’s behavior is reckless and dangerous. He makes comments and spews nonsense without even thinking about the consequences and how he might be hurting the country. A president should not be “trolling” anyone – he should be working hard to lead the country and take care of the critical issues that the American people are facing. Unfortunately, that is hardly the case with this imposter.

Featured image via Drew Angerer  / Getty Images