WATCH: Mike Pence’s Photo Op With Puerto Rico Survivors Just Went TERRIBLY Wrong (VIDEO)

Proving that Donald Trump and his administration is the most clueless, out of touch team to ‘lead’ America, Vice President Mike Pence just had a really awkward run-in with one of the survivors of Hurricane Maria.

As Puerto Rico is absolutely ravaged from the recent hurricane, Trump has decided to turn his back on U.S. citizens and instead focus on attacking NFL players and the media. Meanwhile, his team is trying to do damage control to pick up the slack, and sent Pence to Puerto Rico to assure survivors that everything would be okay. Unfortunately, that plan backfired tremendously.

Everlinda Burgos, a survivor of Hurricane Maria from central Puerto Rico, ruined Pence’s photo op by holding the Trump administration accountable and pointing out that they weren’t doing nearly enough. As cameras rolled, Burgos put Pence on the spot and said:

“Don’t go to San Juan. Go inside the country, like where I live. I live in Naranjito, that’s inside the country. Right now, inside the country is where you’re going to see the disaster. Where you can’t — there’s towns you can’t go in.”

Burgos also nailed Pence’s boss by bringing up Trump’s disgusting, insensitive comment that Puerto Rico officials should be “very proud” that only sixteen people had died. Burgos said:

“You don’t know the people that has died there because they don’t know, they don’t have no communication. You know? So, right now they say 18 people died. No, no, no. We have more people died. But we don’t have no communication. So, go in.”

And things got even worse for Pence. Off-camera, a woman jumped in to correct Burgos and said the most current death toll stated thirty-four. Burgos added:

“Thirty-four today. Right now, that’s what they say outside.”

Pence didn’t know what the hell to say, so he muttered “Good to talk.” But Burgos wasn’t done with him. She said:

“I would like you to go to the center. Because that’s where the disaster is.”

Pence made a half-ass agreement and then asked, “You’ll be fine, your son, your family, and then you’ll be able to go home, right?” Clearly, he was still clueless of how bad the situation was, and likely had no intention of going through with his promise.

You can watch his awkward exchange with Burgos below:

The people of Puerto Rico deserve better.

Featured image via Mark Wilson / Getty Images