Hilarious Video Shows The Moment Bernie Discovered He’s Related To His SNL Impersonator

The 2016 election cycle was rife with hilarious – and often spot on – impersonations of the most talked about candidates. One such candidate was, of course, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who was competing for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. On the iconic sketch show Saturday Night Live, Bernie was prominently portrayed by comedian Larry David. The impression was uncannily accurate – if we didn’t know better, Larry David could easily have been mistaken for Bernie Sanders. From looks, to mannerisms, to general speech patterns and demeanor, David’s Bernie impression was spot on. Well, there might be a reason for that: It turns out that Bernie Sanders and Larry David are actually related.

The best part of all of this is that the two men did not know that they were related until quite recently, and their reactions to the news have been caught on video. They found out via Finding Your Roots, a PBS program that helps people find their ancestry and relatives they perhaps did not know about. It turns out that Sanders and David are cousins.

When he found out, David simply said,

“What the hell. That is really funny. That is amazing…Alright, cousin Bernie.”

Bernie says:

“You’re kidding. That is unbelievable.”

“People say to me, they talk about Larry David, and I say he does a better Bernie Sanders than I do.”

Well, now we know why Larry David does such a good Bernie impression.

At any rate, we could all use a laugh right about now, so enjoy! (Editor’s note: Right-click or ctrl+click to unmute)

Featured image via video screen capture