WATCH: Trump Blames Puerto Ricans For Recovery Effort Problems While Giving Himself An A+

Donald Trump insulted the people of Puerto Rico just as he was getting ready to travel there to inspect the devastation caused by two Category 5 hurricanes.

As a helicopter was standing by, Trump took questions from reporters as he walked to the landing pad.

One question was about the hurricane relief effort that is currently underway in Puerto Rico.

Trump responded by whining about the criticism of his response, which was slower than George W. Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Then he gave himself an A+ grade on the response and proceeded to blame the victims of the hurricane for all the problems.

I think it’s now no longer acknowledged what a great job we’ve done. Texas and Florida we get an A plus. I think we’ve done just as good in Puerto Rico and it’s a much tougher situation. Now the roads are cleared. Communications starting to come back. We need their truck drivers. Their drivers have to start driving trucks. We have to do that. At a local level they have to give us more help. I will tell you the first responders, the military, FEMA, they have done an incredible job in Puerto Rico. And whether it’s her or anybody else, they’re all starting to say it. I appreciate very much the governor and his comments. He has said we have done an incredible job and that’s the truth.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Keep in mind that Puerto Rico just suffered near total devastation. There is a lack of food and water and not nearly enough manpower and equipment. Much of the island still has no electrical power.

Blaming the locals is what a poor leader does when he or she wants to shift the blame for their own mishandling of the situation. Trump responded badly to the dire situation in Puerto Rico and he refuses to take responsibility. Apparently, the buck always stops with someone else. Puerto Ricans should boo Trump’s sorry ass back to the mainland, because he basically just doubled down on suggesting that they are lazy.

Trump should be ashamed of himself.

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