Trump’s IRS Just Decided They’re Going To Give All Your Info To Equifax After They Got Hacked

Has anyone else noticed that the government sometimes seems to like awarding contracts to companies that have proven they’re incapable of doing what they’re supposed to be doing? Equifax’s massive data breach affected most Americans with any kind of credit at all, and here comes the IRS to give Equifax a contract in the name of “fraud prevention, because Equifax has proven that they’re awesome at protecting our data. Oh! And then they proved that they were totally and completely transparent and on their consumers’ sides when they tried to yank away our right to sue by encouraging all of us to enroll in their own fraud protection program with very fine print binding us to arbitration.

The contract, which is a $7.25 million contract to verify our identities and prevent fraud, is a “sole source order,” which means the IRS decided Equifax was the only company capable of doing this for them. Supposedly this is to help prevent an interruption in ID verification while officials try and resolve something else.

Equifax’s security breach involved sensitive information for over 145 million Americans, including our Social Security numbers. Congressman Greg Walden of Oregon likened the breach to the guards at Fort Knox forgetting to lock the doors. That’s how bad this hack was.

The IRS itself isn’t exactly free of security issues, either. They’ve had severe problems with tax-ID fraud and other data hacks. Senator Orrin Hatch, of the Senate Finance Committee, has said he’s worried the IRS doesn’t have the technology necessary “to safeguard the integrity of our tax administration system.”

Well, it seems Equifax doesn’t either, and yet the IRS is giving up our information to them for “fraud prevention.”

The House Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection subcommittee called Equifax “stupid,” and said they “deserve to be shamed,” and called the breach “shocking” and “unprecedented.” Walden also said:

“How does this happen when so much is at stake? I don’t think we can pass a law that can fix stupid.”

Apparently they can’t regulate the stupid of the IRS, either. We should all cross our fingers and pray nothing else happens to our data now. That’s literally about all we can do.

Featured image via Scott Olson/Getty Images