WATCH: Kamala Harris Takes Trump To The Black Church In SCATHING Takedown Of His Attacks On Black Athletes

Everyone is fed up with Donald Trump’s blatant racism with his disgusting attacks on black athletes who are using their platform to shine a light on the deadly racist policing problem in America. Case in point – Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA). Senator Harris is one of the few women of color in the United States Senate, so this definitely hits close to home for her. On Sunday morning, while speaking at an Atlanta Church, Senator Harris ripped Trump for his attacks, all the while eloquently and passionately going to bat for the players who are exercising their First Amendment rights. She told the congregation at the First Congregational Church:

“Let’s speak the truth that when Americans demand recognition that their lives matter, or kneel to call attention to injustice, that that is an expression of free speech, protected by our Constitution, and they should not be threatened or bullied.”

When we sing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner,’ we rightly think about the brave men and women from all backgrounds who proudly defend the freedom of those they may never meet and people who will never know their names. When we sing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner,’ we also think about those marching in the streets who demand that the ideals of that flag represent them too.”

That’s exactly right. America is a wonderful ideal, but it isn’t applied to everyone equally. That often has deadly consequences, and we see this racist pattern over and over again. That flag belongs to all of us, and until things are truly equal, it is not just a right to protest this injustice. It is a responsibility. Sure, the racists of America would have us believe that the flag and the nation belong to them. They want people to remain second-class citizens. Of course, they will never say it. Instead, they want to pretend that the last 52 years erased the attitudes that contributed to the white supremacy upon which this nation was founded.

We all know that it isn’t true, though. Good on Kamala Harris for speaking truth to power. She will surely be attacked by Trump, but this strong woman of color will not be intimidated by that orange fool.

Watch her epic speech below:

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images