Trump Tries Shaming NFL With Video Of Hockey Fans Standing For Anthem And Humiliates Himself

After an epic Twitter tantrum in which he yelled at Puerto Rico for being knocked down by two hurricanes and cried giant crocodile tears about “fake news,” Trump decided he’d try shaming the NFL with a video from an NHL game. At that game, the audience stands up and sings the national anthem. One might think that this just happened, but it didn’t. The video in question is almost a year old.

The original video is on NHL on NBC Sports’ Facebook page, dated Nov. 9, 2016. The day after the election that gave us this walking shitshow to begin with. Why does this matter? Because Trump is still going on about NFL players kneeling during the anthem on Twitter. Earlier today, in the midst of all the ranting about nobody giving him his due credit for the farce of a relief effort in Puerto Rico, he tweeted this:

He brought the issue into sharp relief last week when he went on a tear about “disrespect” to the flag and called on NFL owners to fire players who won’t stand. Many NFL players retaliated by kneeling, the Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t even come out of the locker room, and many owners issued statements rebuking Trump in one way or another.

So Trump, in an attempt to shame what the NFL is doing now, shares a video that’s a year old. In truth, the NHL seems rather split on how they feel about kneeling during the national anthem. There are, however, several players and coaches who believe it’s everyone’s right to protest how they see fit, as part of the First Amendment. Trump just embarrassed the hell out of himself.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images