Trump Lashes Out At Puerto Ricans, Calls Them ‘Ingrates’ In Self-Congratulatory Tweets

Again, these are AMERICAN citizens he is talking about.

If Donald Trump had treated Texas and Florida the way he is treating Puerto Rico right now, there would be riots in the streets and massive protests in front of the White House.

But apparently, people don’t seem to understand that the people of Puerto Rico are American citizens who should be given the same respect and treatment that Texans and Floridians received after hurricanes slammed their states.

Trump has not done that so far. Not only was he too slow in responding because he focused more on trying to force NFL players to stand during the national anthem, he has not sent nearly enough troops or equipment or supplies to Puerto Rico. And he is insulting them to add insult to injury.

Trump has taken to Twitter to constantly brag about the recovery operation despite his response being worse than President George W. Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Puerto Rico was devastated by two Category 5 hurricanes, yet less water and food has been sent to the island.

When Trump’s administration tried to frame the disaster as a “good news story,” San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz fired back by pointing out that people are dying. Trump threw a temper tantrum in response and suggested that Puerto Ricans are lazy people who won’t help themselves.

On Sunday morning, Trump lashed out again. While bragging about the recovery effort as if it’s the best recovery effort in history, Trump congratulated himself and called Puerto Ricans who criticize the weak effort “ingrates.”

Again, Trump’s response to the crisis in Puerto Rico could be much better and it’s certainly not as good as he thinks it has been. Furthermore, Trump insulted Puerto Ricans again. While Mayor Cruz is working to save lives, Trump is busy golfing and rage-tweeting. He is enraged because he thinks brown people should be grateful for what little help he has provided. That’s a totally unacceptable way to treat American citizens. Period.

Featured Image: Joe Raedle/Getty Images