Tea Party Superstar Gets WRECKED After Obama ‘N****r’ Tweet

Tea Party darling and deadbeat dad extraordinaire Joe Walsh managed to be douchier than is typical on Sunday when he attacked Michael Che for saying something mean about Donald Trump.

It may seem nonsensical that the “fuck your feelings” crowd gets sad every time someone says something to “trigger” them, but Walsh apparently needs a safe space after SNL’s Michael Che called Donald Trump a “cracker” (among other things).

Like all conservatives at some point in their lives, Walsh became “economically disenfranchised” (the media’s term for racism among Trump voters) enough upon hearing Trump described as a “cracker” (the name of an all-white minor league baseball team in Atlanta, Georgia in the early parts of last century) to bust out the  “n*gger” word.

Naturally, The People were not amused:

Walsh took perhaps his most severe beating from Joy Reid, who correctly pointed out that Walsh, like all  conservatives, was looking for a reason to say it:

You know what? If Walsh is mad that a black man called Trump a “cracker,” I’ll go ahead and help out here. I, a white man, feel that Donald Trump is a willfully ignorant, racist, xenophobic, bathmophobic, traitorous cracker who wants to have sex with his daughter and has said as much on many occasions. The same goes for Mr. Walsh (possibly without the bit about incest fantasies), who habitually fails to pay child support and probably smells like bourbon and the booths at a sketchy adult video store the majority of the time.

If Mr. Walsh wishes to fire back, I regularly receive love letters calling me a “Jew.” That should get him started.