Trump Throws A Hissy Fit At His Golf Course As Criticism Over Puerto Rico Response Grows

The people of Puerto Rico, who are American citizens, are dying. Yet Donald Trump is whining from his golf course like he’s the victim.

It has been ten days since Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria, but Trump is only just responding to the tragedy. In fact, Trump spent more time bashing the NFL than he has talked about Puerto Rico. And then he excused his slow response by blaming it on the ocean and “big water.”

Trump and his team have insisted that all is well in Puerto Rico and that it’s really a “good news story.”

That infuriated San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who slammed the Trump Administration by pointing out that this is a “people are dying story.”

On Saturday morning from his luxury golf course, which is the second time he has gone golfing since Puerto Rico was hit, Trump attacked Cruz and suggested the people of Puerto Rico should help themselves.

That’s right. Trump literally said this about AMERICAN CITIZENS.

Trump then praised the military and attacked the media for reporting accurately on the response and suggested that he is the real victim.

But even Lt. Gen. Jeff Buchanan, whom the Pentagon put in charge of the military response, says that Trump has not sent enough troops or equipment to Puerto Rico.

And the fact is that Trump was slow to respond to Puerto Rico’s needs, and even had the gall to complain about the island’s debt while are suffering due to lack of drinking water, homelessness, and no electrical power.

It should be pointed out that Florida and Texas have higher debt than Puerto Rico does, but you never heard Trump complain about those two states. Could it be because he does consider Puerto Ricans American citizens?

Trump really should stop throwing temper tantrums. It only gives people more reason to post gifs like this one:

Featured Image: Ian MacNicol/Getty Images