Obama’s Head Of Disaster Relief TRASHES Trump’s Response To Puerto Rico (TWEET)

It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s response to the crisis in Puerto Rico has been nothing but disappointing. While US citizens were begging for disaster relief, Trump was staying at his golf club, turning his back on them. The Washington Post ran a story about Trump’s negligence last night, stating that Trump went MIA for four entire days while Puerto Rico suffered, focusing all of his attention on attacking NFL players and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

After seeing the Washington Post’s report, a former Obama administration official lashed out at Trump on Twitter, providing the undeserving POTUS with a much needed reality check — and he didn’t hold back as he said Trump “makes me so mad I could spit.” Former US Foreign Disaster Assistance chief Jeremy Konyndyk noted how “damning” the report was and tore the Trump administration a new one. In a massive tweetstorm, Konyndyk gave Trump a lesson he’ll never forget:

This is one of the most brutal critiques we’ve gotten so far in regards to Trump’s handling of Puerto Rico. “Malpractice” is truly a perfect word, because Trump really should have been all over this. It is his duty as POTUS – and yet he has almost completely ignored the situation. People are dying and begging for assistance, and Trump has jetted off to his golf course in New Jersey for the weekend. We cannot think of a more self-centered, irresponsible response to a major crisis that has already resulted in the loss of human life. Trump has made it perfectly clear that he doesn’t give a damn.

America has truly been put in danger with Trump as President of the United States. Puerto Rico proves that he is unfit to lead a country and be responsible for the lives of its citizens.

Featured image via Pool / Getty Images