Neo-Nazi Website Loses Its Domain AGAIN And Its Nazi Owner Is Losing His Damn Mind

Poor Andrew Anglin, the Nazi behind the website the Daily Stormer. He just can’t catch a break. U.S. web hosts, along with Google, decided to drop his site after the Charlottesville riot because he mocked Heather Heyer, who was murdered there by a white supremacist. Ever since then, he’s bounced the site from country to country, trying to find someone who will have him. The Daily Stormer has been shut down in China and Albania, and appeared on a Russian domain for a few hours but even Russia wasn’t having it. Most recently, Anglin has had his website on a domain registered in Iceland, and Iceland just became the latest country to shut him down.

Iceland has pretty stringent hate speech laws, but that’s not why they shut him down. According to the Reykjavik Grapevine, ISNIC, the registry company for .is domains, shut him down over a different violation of their terms of service. Jens Petur Jensen, the CEO of ISNIC, said:

“Our terms of service are very clear. All registrants must provide proof of who they are, and where they are physically located. [Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin] doesn’t want to do that.”

Anglin is afraid that Jensen will share his information with Icelandic authorities, who will then share it with U.S. authorities. Anglin is in trouble with the law here for harassing and threatening a Jewish woman in Ohio. Jensen told the Grapevine that he would, in fact, do exactly what Anglin is scared of.

Anglin, meanwhile, is crying about this over on Gab, an ad-free social media network that appears to work like Twitter. And he’s completely lost control. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad:

Gee, one might think he wouldn’t have to worry about any of this if he weren’t spreading hate speech and propaganda. Or harassing and threatening people. But that’s ridiculous. Anglin is a Nazi, and like all the Nazis and KKK members and other white supremacists, hate is in his blood. Our hearts bleed pink carbonated peanut butter for the fact that he’s having trouble keeping his website up.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images and Gab