Donald Trump Congratulates Himself On Winning Election And Asks For Donations While Puerto Ricans BEG For Help

During a time of national crisis, most presidents focus on helping people in need. But not Donald Trump. Instead, he is sending out mass text messages to stroke his own ego and try to raise money. He keeps telling his fans that if they don’t keep donating, their big election upset will all be for naught. Here are the texts he sent to his most ardent fans (and a few people who just subscribe for the lulz):

Now, to put this into context, the people of Puerto Rico are literally dying. Trump has, instead of trying to help them, attacked the mayor of San Juan on Twitter for begging for help to save the lives of the Americans who live there, and his disaster response has been abysmal, because, you know, brown people. And now, he sends out lying mass communications pretending that he has helped people and delivered on promises when he has done no such thing. Hell, there is plenty of evidence that there was even a point in time when Trump didn’t even realize that the people of Puerto Rico are American citizens.

In short, this is a man who is raising money off the backs of suffering and dying people, and using the protests of NFL players who want to use their platforms to shine a light on the injustices suffered at the hands of law enforcement by people of color to stoke racial divisions in the nation. In fact, there is even evidence that this part of it was planned. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow explains that bit perfectly:

Donald Trump’s racist, divisive actions are absolutely disgraceful, and people are literally dying on his watch. This man is not a president. He’s a racist and a murderer.

Featured image via Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images