Wounded Veteran CONDEMNS Trump For Using Him As Prop To Attack NFL Players

Donald Trump thought he could get away with using military veterans as props to push his political agenda. He was wrong.

Marine Staff Sgt. John Jones lost both of his legs in combat in Iraq over ten years ago. In 2007, he sat down for a photograph showing him with the prosthetic legs that allow him to stand and walk.

Jones was back in the news this past weekend after Trump shared the photo on Twitter to attack NFL players who kneel during the national anthem.

As of now, the retweet remains on Trump’s Twitter feed.

Trump literally exploited a wounded veteran to attack the NFL over protests that have nothing to do with the flag or America’s men and women in uniform. The fact is that the NFL players are protesting racial injustice and police brutality. Trump, however, is trying to divide the nation by accusing them of disrespecting the military and the flag.

But by using an image of a wounded veteran to push his agenda, Trump opened himself up to being humiliated by those veterans because Jones is very much still alive and able to speak up for himself.

And he does not appreciate being used as a political prop to oppose the right to free speech.

According to Buzzfeed,

Jones says he is sick of military veterans being used as props “to push a political agenda” in the renewed controversy over whether athletes’ protests, which they say draw attention to racial discrimination and police brutality, disrespect the military. If you really want to honor the troops, listen to them, he says.

“Just stop with this sycophantic bullshit and actually do something to support us,” said Jones, who works for Workshops for Warriors, a San Diego nonprofit that has trained more than 400 veterans for skilled manufacturing jobs. “I would want Trump to tweet about that, instead of fueling the fire with the people making 10 million to score a freaking touchdown. And for people (seeing the photo) to say, ‘Look, he’s still standing for this country, and getting veterans good jobs.’”

Jones then went on to defend the NFL players.

“I’ve got my own views about this, but that’s why I put the uniform on, so people can do whatever they want in a lawful, peaceful manner. I’m sorry, but if you want to know what the real issues are – go to Iraq, or Syria, or Afghanistan, go to places that don’t have the freedoms that we have and see how far you get.”

Protesting during the national anthem is not illegal. In fact, it’s protested as free speech and expression by our Constitution. And silently kneeling in protest is peaceful.

Even John McCain condemned Trump this week by pointing out that NFL players have the right as citizens to kneel during the national anthem.

By using wounded veterans as political props, Trump is the one who is truly disrespecting the military and our nation.

Featured Image: Mark Wilson/Getty Images