WATCH: Adviser Who Wrote Trump’s Tax Plan Says You Will Be Able To Buy A NEW Car For $1,000

Gary Cohn, a Goldman Sachs recruit, now serving as Trump’s White House economic adviser and has assets worth $252 million to $611 million, says that under the former reality show star’s tax plan you can buy a brand new car for $1,000, but that’s not all, folks, In addition to that, you can renovate your entire kitchen for $1,000. And you can buy a UNICORN for just five bucks, and all because Trump is the best person ever!

Cohn took the podium to tell voters about all of this good news which has to be for real because Trump is going to MAGA so hard, you’ll also be able to take your family on a vacation for $1,000. Are you getting goosebumps, too?

“If we allow a family to keep another $1,000, they can renovate their kitchen, they can buy a new car, they can take a family vacation,” Cohn said.

Maybe Cohn meant you can take your family on a vacay in your basement for $1,000. As for the brand new car and the renovated kitchen, I got nothin’.


The Internet was not buying it, probably because Mr. Goldman Sachs just told a big fat lie.

Trump, his family members, and his Goldman Sachs alumni-filled White House would benefit greatly from his tax plan. People just like Gary Cohn. In fact, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimates that the top 1 percent of Americans would get half of the tax cuts under Trump’s plan. By eliminating the estate tax, the plan would benefit Trump, his family, and other wealthy Americans. So, now we know why Trump was so vague during his short speech in Indiana on Wednesday.

We’re wondering what Mr. Fancy Pants thinks a new house costs. By the way, the estimated average transaction price of a new car or truck in 2015 was $33,560. We’re sure that’s higher now. Mr. Cohn was only off by $32,560. He was soooo close. Missed it by that much! The average cost to renovate a kitchen is actually $21,797. According to American Express, the average vacation expense per person in the United States is $1,145, or $4,580 for a family of four.

Image via screen capture.