Trump’s Press Secretary Falls Apart, Exposes His Lie About Obamacare Vote (VIDEO)

Anyone who is faced with the unfortunate task of defending Donald Trump’s many lies and erratic behavior eventually crumbles. We saw this with former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, and we’re seeing it again with current press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Earlier today, Huckabee Sanders fell apart in front of reporters as she tried to redirect the conversation about Trump’s false claim that the Senate has enough votes to replace the Affordable Care Act. When a reporter grilled her on Graham-Cassidy, the GOP’s latest health care disaster, Huckabee Sanders practically admitted that Trump had been lying the whole time and that the votes were not there. She said:

“The point that we’re making is that we have the votes on the substance, but not necessarily on the process, which is why we are so confident that we can move healthcare forward and get it done in the spring.”

Huckabee Sanders, like all of Trump’s minions, is well-versed in diversion tactics but still couldn’t avoid exposing her boss’ blatant lie. Trump does not have the votes to pass Graham-Cassidy, and he was lying through his teeth about it. No matter how Huckabee Sanders tried to conceal the truth, it was too obvious to be hidden.

Many – including Republicans – already believe that Graham-Cassidy is dead. If the bill can’t get enough votes on the process, the bill cannot pass. Trump lied, and this is just another humiliating failure for his administration and the Republican party.

You can watch Huckabee Sanders struggle to hold it together below:

Trump can’t hide his major failures behind his spokespeople anymore, and his lies are wearing thin. The public is giving him far less leniency now as his approval rating continues to dwindle. Trump’s team is in big trouble if they keep trying to cover up his lies.

Featured image via Win McNamee  / Getty Images