Trump Is So Embarrassed His Candidate Lost He’s Deleting Tweets And Praying You’ll Forget

Donald Trump went all in for his man Luther Strange. I mean, he tweeted — in between other pressing matters, of course — at least a dozen times in support of the incumbent Senator in Alabama.

Or at least, Strange was the incumbent, until former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and all-around douchebag Roy Moore beat him in a runoff primary last night.

Trump did everything but attach himself at the hip to Strange, for a reason I’ll get into in a minute. But it just wasn’t enough to overcome Moore, who was backed by Trump’s former right-hand man Steve Bannon, as well as a bevy of other prominent dumbass conservatives. Sarah Palin, Sebastian Gorka, Laura Ingraham and even Sean Hannity lent their support to the ultra-conservative Moore, while simultaneously being careful to tell voters that a vote against Strange wasn’t a vote against Donald Trump. Bannon went so far as to say that a vote for Moore was a vote for Trump.

They understand something that the president doesn’t, and it’s this I was alluding to as the reason Trump rolled so deep with Luther Strange. Donald Trump knows he has some kind of power over his supporters, but he doesn’t know what it is. He honestly believes that he can make them do whatever he wants them to do and that they will do it happily. And above all, he believes that he is infallible in his decisions.

Trump has it all backwards.

In reality, it is Donald Trump who does the bidding of his fans. It’s because he literally has no idea what he’s doing. He has zero experience in politics. He doesn’t know or even care what the people of Alabama think about or want in a Senate candidate. Let me put this plainly:

If Donald Trump thought that a man like Roy Moore, who was removed from the Supreme Court of Alabama only by outside forces; who never lost the support of his constituents; who is literally the Bible-thumping, gay-hating, end-times preaching Senator that the most redneck state in America has been dreaming about since Reconstruction was going to lose this election to a career politician, well… He’s a whole lot dumber than any of us give him credit for.

Trump’s candidate lost because he was always going to lose. Trump himself lost because he had no idea. Prior to the election, Trump was so confident of his star power and Strange’s ability to win by association that he hadn’t bothered to learn Moore’s first name.

And one thing Donald J. Trump doesn’t do is lose gracefully. The president went on a deleting spree of tweets he had posted in support of Strange. He was so angry that he couldn’t even remember when the general election was being held in Alabama, so when he congratulated Moore after his win, he even had to delete the first draft of that:

Trump has, of course, quieted down. Unfortunately for him, the slew of tweet deletions, which may actually be illegal, just makes his timeline look like literally all he can think about is big black men on their knees.

As long as nobody’s sitting down during the national anthem, I suppose.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images