BREAKING: Jared Kushner Is Really A Woman And There Are Documents To Prove It

You know all those times conservatives have said something ridiculous proves President Obama is gay or Michelle Obama is a man? Each time, they say they have “documents” to back their claims and each time they fail. By this logic, we can now state unequivocally that squeaky-voiced Jared Kushner is really a woman — and unlike when conservatives make similar claims, there are actually documents to back this.

In fact, Kushner himself admits he is a woman. According to public records, Kushner registered to vote in New York as a woman in 2009.

Prior to 2009, he listed his gender as “unknown” in New Jersey. Naturally, people find this hilarious:

All joking aside, this is just one more example of Kushner having severe problems with properly completing paperwork. He has repeatedly updated his security clearance forms to include meetings and foreign contacts he forgot about entirely — so it’s entirely possible he just got his information wrong and thought he was a female.

If Kushner actually identifies as a female, that’s cool too. We’ll just have to change a pronoun when we explain to people that she’s a sniveling little weasel bootlicker with no spine who should spend some time in prison.