‘We Know Where You Live’: Trump-Loving Terrorist Threatens All Who Attack ‘The White Race’ (VIDEO)

Meet James Stachowiak. If he looks familiar, you may remember him as the guy who made headlines for telling his fellow “patriots” to shoot black women and children in the heads if they were seen simply exiting a store during the Ferguson protests. If you’re unfamiliar well boy are you in for a treat!

Stachowiak has by now cemented himself as one of the dumbest human beings on the internet, on par with right-wing agitator Charles Johnson and “alt-right” fake news creator Jim Hoft. In his latest video, the self-described leader of the “patriot movement” (a phrase synonymous with right-wing terrorist groups) has a threat to issue to those he perceives to be “an-tee-fa” (Antifa in English): if you f*ck with “the white race” you’re dead.

“Since we the patriot movement don’t see color, I am now going to pull this mask over my face,” Stachowiak tells his fellow “patriots” as he pulls a red white and blue mask down.

“The sheepdogs are watching you. 200 million weapons in this country possessed by ‘We the People,'” Stachowiak says. “12 trillion rounds of ammunition and you people don’t even know which bathroom  to use?”

“We grow stronger and more outraged every day. You want to destroy this country and the white race,” Stachowiak adds. “We have news for you. The sheepdogs…have one mind. We love our country and we want it back.”

“You will never know who we are,” Stachowiak, who posted the video to Facebook under his real name,” says. “You will never know where we are.”

He then lays out a plan the “patriot movement” has to lure people they don’t like into dark alleys and abandoned buildings to kill them.

According to Stachowiak, members of the “patriot movement” are stalking those they think are planning “insurrection” and “gathering intel” to use against them.

“We will use it against you,” Stachowiak says. “We will create panic in your ranks, fear in your hearts, we will cause you to turn on each other like animals.”

“We know where you live, where you work, where you go to school,” Stachowiak says. “We are looking over your shoulder. The sheepdogs are always watching. We are patriots. We are the new Minutemen. We will defend the flock.”

“We will come for you. There will be no rules of combat or as the military says rules of engagement,” Stachowiak says. “There will be nowhere for you to run, nowhere for you to hide…You will lie upon the earth until you are buried in it.”

Don’t worry, though. He’s not a terrorist. Just loves his country and stuff.

Watch it below:

Featured image via screenshot