The Only Pittsburgh Steeler To Stand For National Anthem Speaks Out, And Trump Fans Will HATE It

Conservatives cheered when Pittsburgh Steeler Alejandro Villanueva, who’s also a combat veteran, came out and stood for the national anthem while the rest of the team stayed in the locker room. They won’t be happy with what Villanueva has said about it since, though. They think he’s just like them, a jingoist among a sport full of traitors to America, and this is really going to ruin that.

First off, it doesn’t look like Villanueva intended to be defiant this way:

So it looks like there might have been some miscommunication about what they were doing, or maybe that Villanueva wasn’t totally sure what the team had agreed to do.

He also said he knew, every time he saw the flag on a fellow soldier’s shoulder during a mission, that they were fighting for each other. He also did say, “People die for the flag; there’s no way else to put it… There’s nothing else that would justify dying for that mission.” (It’s likely the mission he meant was whatever mission he and his fellow soldiers were on, rather than the mission of fighting for the flag that Trump fans are glomming onto).

But it’s what he says about how he feels about what happened that will have Trump fans seething. Seriously:

And then there’s this:

Trump fans really don’t understand why people are so angry at them for whining about professional athletes not standing for the national anthem. The jingoism is dangerously strong among them, along with the cluelessness and blind followership. In fact, many of them are on the above thread and totally, utterly and completely misunderstanding it. They aren’t the patriots they believe themselves to be. Not even close.

Featured image via Joe Robbins/Getty Images