People Upset By NFL Players ‘Disrespecting’ The Flag Do It CONSTANTLY, According To The Flag Code

Maybe you’re a little confused, like me, about when exactly the American flag took the place of the First Amendment to the Constitution. After all, I have a sister older than the current American flag. But conservatives sure do like symbols, and their assumption that everyone else does as much as they do is probably why the outrage over NFL players taking a knee, or sitting, or otherwise not properly “respecting” American symbolism has captured the zeitgeist in the country this football season.

But what does “respect for the flag” actually mean, and is there a double standard? One Twitter user had a pretty spectacular take on whether there just might be a little hypocrisy at play in all of the criticism of those “ungrateful black multi-millionaires” who dare to protest in a way that’s “unacceptable” to white people.

“HennyWise” is a third generation veteran of the armed forces, and his outline of ways that America completely ignores the “disrespect” that doesn’t bother them or even makes them happy is a primer on the United States Flag Code. Setting aside the fact that a significant number of sports fans may in fact be getting a beer at concessions during the national anthem and display of the colors, there are a number of regulations that Americans don’t seem to mind breaking:

Another user pointed out one small thing that HennyWise overlooked in his synopsis of hypocrisy:

The Flag Code also specifies that:

The flag should never have placed on it, or attached to it, any mark, insignia, letter, word, number, figure, or drawing of any kind.

That makes the “Blue Lives Matter” flag an even more direct form of disrespect than a violation of most of the other regulations would be considered.

But will conservatives care? Hypocrisy has never seemed to bother them before.

Featured image via Brett Carlsen/Getty Images