Over 500 NFL Players Plan To Tell Trump To F*** Off Today In The Best Way Possible

A backlash of epic proportions ensued after Donald Trump launched a war against African-American athletes who protest by kneeling during the national anthem. The former reality show star has managed to piss off players in three major professional sports and even went so far as to call Colin Kaepernick’s mother a ‘bitch.’ And even this morning, the 71-year-old ‘man’ crawled out of bed to rant and rage on his Twitter timeline again about black athletes silently protesting. The backlash has been fierce, with the Pittsburgh Steelers announcing that they plan to stay in their locker room for the national anthem before their game against the Chicago Bears. Multiple team members from the Ravens and Jaguars took to their knees during the anthem while the remaining players stood behind them linking arms in solidarity.

The Dolphins are wearing “#ImWithKap” t-shirts.

“Over 500 players have communicated to me that they intend on demonstrating today,” activist and writer Shaun King tweeted.

There are 14 games that will be played today, with protesting athletes totaling at least one-third of all the players.

Former NFL head coach Rex Ryan, a Trump supporter who endorsed the former reality show star during the campaign last year because he says “what’s on his mind” now says that he’s “appalled” and “pissed off” at Trump over his remarks against black NFL athletes.

Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagilabue called Trump’s comments on NFL players “insulting and disgraceful” and added that “we’re not entitled to shut anybody’s speech down.”

Trump blasted the NFL this morning over its ratings but he failed to mention his own. Trump’s approval numbers are the lowest of any president in the history of polling.

To kneel during the national anthem is not a sign of disrespect toward our country’s flag. It is actually respecting what the flag truly stands for and the rights we have as citizens of this country. Ignoring racism is disrespecting the flag.

Featured image via Scott Olson/Getty Images.