Trump Whines That The Media Wouldn’t Film His Crowd In Alabama – CNN Makes A Fool Out Of Him

Trump’s desperation to convince people that the Great Liberal Media Conspiracy Against Him is real is getting way out of control. On Twitter earlier, he cried that nobody was asking about the media’s totally biased coverage of Hillary during the election. He also claimed at a rally a while back that the press was turning their cameras off during his speech because they didn’t want their audiences to hear what he had to say. CNN made him look stupid for that. Then tonight, in Alabama, he did it again, and CNN made him look even worse for it.

He said, “Fake news. They won’t show this,” referring to his obsession with his crowd sizes. He then went on to say:

“They’ll say ‘Donald Trump spoke before a small crowd in Alabama last night. It was a small crowd. A very unenthusiastic crowd. It was a terrible evening.’”

CNN had split the screen between him and his crowd before he started this diatribe. Seriously – he said this while CNN was showing his crowd. Watch below:

In fact, according to Jim Dalrymple II, CNN had been running the split screen for most of the rally.

Trump might be able to convince his fans that the media is dishonest, but anyone who can actually think can see just how badly he’s embarrassing himself whenever he talks about the “fake news” media. Give it up, Donnie. We see right through you.

Featured image via Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images