Republican Senator STUNS In Town Hall, Admits GOP’s ObamaCare Repeal Will Fail (TWEETS)

There’s a lot of buzz about the GOP’s latest effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare. As the GOP plans to vote on the Graham-Cassidy health care bill, their previous failures are coming back to haunt them, as many people are wondering why the Republican Party even continues to try to push a health care agenda that has repeatedly failed and isn’t even wanted by the majority of Americans.

The GOP’s fight to repeal ObamaCare has never looked as pathetic as it did today when Republican Sen. Joni Ernst admitted that this bill is as good as dead during a town hall in Iowa. In speaking about the Graham-Cassidy bill, Ernst said to much applause:

“I’ll be honest, it seems unlikely that we’ll be voting on this.”

Seriously, this is a major blow to the GOP. Not only are Republican senators publicly expressing doubt over this health care bill, but some top Republicans – like Arizona Senator John McCain – are actively going to vote against it.

As it stands, most of America – Republicans included – want bipartisan fixes to the Affordable Care Act. The majority of the country overwhelmingly is in favor of keeping ObamaCare, but the GOP continues to ignore what the people want. Instead, they are hellbent on stripping millions of healthcare and hiking up premiums.

The insane thing is that even if Graham-Cassidy fails (which it likely will), the GOP will probably just continue to draft more health care bills! They seem to learn nothing from their failures and see nothing wrong with wasting time and energy that could be used for something far more promising. Under Trump’s ‘leadership’, the Republican Party has never been so ineffective – obviously taking after their leader’s example. No one believes in the GOP’s ability to improve health care – not even its own Senators.

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